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15 October 2008 @ 12:08 pm
Well, quite a bit has been going on....  
That's why I haven't been writting much of anything....We are packing and moving into our new house this weekend....Boy will I be happy when I don't have to hear gun shots ring out in the night while I lay sleepless in my bed with my 6 month old son wondering how these things would affect him as he grows older.....No longer will I have to contimplate these things! I will sacrifice my credit and good name, but it will be well worth it! It would be selfish of me to deny him a good education and safe place to grow up when I could do so, just choose not to so I can keep good credit.....It's not worth it, he is more important than me now.

And things haven't been going so smoothly at work either. I am a Sales Assistant at a brokerage firm for a couple Financial Advisors...And one of them has not wanted to pay my my 1% (which doesn't sound like much, but it is when you are talking about $1,000,000+) since I returned from maternity leave....Even though he promised to do so, so that I wouldn't find a new job while I was on leave.....Well This morning I got my paycheck and no bonus.....He took it away (it is what I pay childcare with) and he didn't even say anything to me about it......People never cease to amaze me.....I have too much pride to talk to him about it. I feel like....Well now you get sent to the back of the line b/c my other brokers pay me...Where as you use to be first, be prepared to get treated like everyone else.  Not to mention he can no longer make me feel guilty about taking time off for my son when he is sick, taking asmoke breaks, or going to lunch out of the office.  So basically he can get fucked! It is just humerous the way people treat you, but then expect you to bend over backwards for them, ya know?

On a lighter note.....I have decided I HATE my job (this isn't the lighter note LOL) and I am going back to school (this is!) ......I keep going back to the same profession, I want to teach History. But I don't want a shitty teacher's salary so I am going in for the long haul.....I plan to get my Ph.D in History and be a Professor at the University level. I know it will take a long time since I will be working full-time, but it I do summers and winters I think I'll be done in roughly 10 years, and surprisingly (as impatient as I am) I am not scared or put off by that...i want to take my time and do well so I can get a position at a well known university. My dream would be to join a research project only teaching a couple classes during the semester at an Ivy League school.....We'll see. If you're going to dream, dream bg , right?
daisy4givendaisy4given on October 16th, 2008 04:36 am (UTC)
*sigh* I have the same exact dream as you.... except I DO NOT have the ambition! I started my masters in History and got through exactly one week of class before i went, "WHAT am i doing?? Do i REALLY want to be in school again? Studying when i could be having FUN??" and I dropped out. LOL. Oh well! Good luck to you, I'm sure you can do it, you seem like the kind of woman who gets what she wants! :)
oxoginaoxooxoginaoxo on October 16th, 2008 02:39 pm (UTC)
Well thank you for the compliment, and I suppose it's true...If I put my mind to something (and don't lose interest) I have always gotten what I want. I think that it was a good Idea for me to wait to go back to school rather than going right out of high school, b/c now I won't feel like "I need to get it done and fast" at the expense of my grades....I plan to take my time and do as well as possible.
bigbadbecbigbadbec on October 16th, 2008 06:52 pm (UTC)
good luck! its great to follow on something you really want. i think it is really important to feel happy in your work. and its really impressive that you havent been put off. go you!
oxoginaoxooxoginaoxo on October 16th, 2008 07:22 pm (UTC)
Thanks...I appreciate all the support I can get....It will be a long and tough road ahead.....but I will surely regret it if I don't go through with it....So thank you, and I will be updating often as to the status of my journey towards my goal!